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Starting in Germany, Industry 4.0 has expanded to major countries with advanced economics, with the intelligence trend becoming increasingly more prevalent in manufacturing industries. By utilizing sensors and networking technology to collect information on production equipment and implementing big data analysis, machine learning, and other technologies, manufacturers worldwide are constantly seeking to improve their production efficiency.

Based on WebAccess/SCADA, Advantech introduces WebAccess/CNC, a networking software package designed specifically for the machine tools market. This equipment networking solution provides networking interfaces for Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Heidenhain, Siemens, and other network-type controllers, enabling users to directly collect open information from CNC machine tools without the need to develop customized interfaces. It can also monitor data from PLC devices to facilitate the visualization of production equipment information and intelligent production management.
   WebAccess/CNC Software Benefits
Realize a cost-effective, rapid CNC network
Provides CNC network controller
Supports Fanuc, Mitsubishi,
Heidenhain, and Siemens CNC
network controllers
Automatically generates CNC
projects, shortens project
duration, and reduces the impact
of ongoing production
Open, user-friendly interface with SCADA functionality
100% web-based
WebAccess/SCADA architecture
Provides a cross-platform
HTML5-based dashboard also
suitable for mobile devices
Features diverse data exchange
interfaces with English, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, and Japanese language support
Improve production efficiency with equipment integration
Connects PLCs, machines, and
I/O devices that use different
Offers automatic NC file transfer
Monitors real-time CNC and
production data to assist with
the analysis of device availability
and improve efficiency
   Application Story
WebAccess/CNC: Utilizing Machine Tool Networking Technology to Realize an Intelligent Factory

CNC machine tools are mainly used in metal processing. In Taiwan, metal processing manufacturers mostly receive small-volume, large-variety orders. For every batch order, relevant machine tool parameters must be reconfigured, which relies on manual adjustment and management. This can take from 1–2 days to even a week, which can occasionally lead to production downtime.

Adopting network-capable CNC machines can solve problems currently faced by metal processing manufacturers. Equipment networking allows engineers to remotely upload and download machining files via the network, thus enabling remote adjustment of CNC machines instead of having to take a portable storage device to the production site and manually copy the machining program to the machine.

   WebAccess/CNC Software Features
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