Advantech Wzzard LRPv Solution
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For remote areas and harsh environments, Wzzard LRPv sensor nodes and gateways are user-oriented and designed to meet your intelligent infrastructure needs. The Wzzard LRPv series provides a reliably secure network with almost no wiring and little maintenance effort. This allows you to easily monitor remote sensors in any environment from your desk.

For Rugged or Remote Areas

Secured and User-Oriented

Resource Saving Benefits
Long transmission distance
IP66 housing with -40 ~ 75°C operating temperature
Attract-and-go magnetic design
Wire-free battery
Secure LoRa Connection with AES and increased privacy
Data accessible only be the owner
Customizable software features for various needs
Ultra low power consumption
No Internet service fee
No maintenance labor fee
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Wzzard LRPv Node
  • Rugged, IP66-rated, fiber-reinforced polyester PBT enclosure
  • Ultralow power consumpion with battery and external power input (6 ~ 12 V)
  • Industrial-grade with a wide operating temperature range (-40 ~ 75 °C)

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SmartSwarm 243
  • Existing software user modules plus fully supported application development gives more customization options for users
  • Low power consumption for solar and battery power applications
  • Industrial-grade with a wide operating temperature range (-40 ~ 75 °C)
  • Supports IoT protocols
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