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Data Transmissions

Up to 50 meters signal
penetration, including through
metal and walls
Rapid and Flexible
(within 5 seconds)

Easy installation via adhesive
backing or magnets
Long Battery

LoRa technology ensures low
battery consumption
Supports Diverse
Mobile Devices

Compatible with Windows and
Android OS
Water and
Dust Resistance

IP65-rated ingress protection

Integrated with free-fall sensing
capabilities to enable drop
In-vehicle LoRa gateway with external antenna
LoRa Gateway Dongle
The LoRa gateway can connect the TREK-120 with any PC/Windows/Android systems via USB connector
Cold Chain NFC Reader
The NFC reader enables cold chain data to be downloaded from the TREK-120 to any PC/Windows systems via USB connector
   *Battery life time depends on operating environments
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