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Application Stories
Robotic Manufacturing for Automobiles
Efficient Marine
FIDS for World's Largest Airport
City Bus E-Ticketing
Wind Farm Remote Monitoring System
Hotel Intelligent Control and Management System
Product Offerings
Modularized Embedded Computers
• Multiple I/Os expandability
• IoT ready platform
• Seamless communication RF certified
Ultra Rugged Embedded Computers
• In-vehicle/rolling stock certifications
• Rugged and wide temp designs
• Various vehicle SDK and APIs
Digital Signage
• Support FHD/UHD, and 2-6 multiple displays
• Simplified signage network management
• Reliable and secured design
Edge Intelligence Servers
• Ready-to-run package
• Simplify IoT deployment
• Quick cloud connection
Integrated IoT Software
Advantech embedded computers are all integrated with WISE-PaaS, an IoT platform, providing complete solutions to our partners and clients, enabling them to realize their IoT business. The WISE-PaaS platform integrates Advantech's software packages, various IoT cloud services, and security services. For cloud services, Advantech is partnering with Microsoft Azure as the IaaS and also PaaS solution provider through the Microsoft CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) Program in order to offer more diverse functions for IoT applications.
WISE-PaaS - IoT Software Services
Diverse mature software platform services for various domain-focused solutions aimed at vertical markets

Microsoft Azure - Rapidly Construct
IoT Cloud Solutions

Empowered by Microsoft Azure solutions to provide cloud infrastructure and pre-configured services