Advantech has been providing both the military and aerospace markets with industrial-grade COTS building block products and services for many years. With the specific goal of simplifying new product development efforts. Advantech’s Computer-On-Module (COM) products provide the perfect foundation for new rugged product designs because they are purpose built using only industrial components, offer extensive on-board features, can being tailored to fit application specific requirements, and are designed for use in rugged environments.
Industrial COTS products can be enhanced to meet extreme environmental conditions experienced in the air, on land, or under water.
Features like TPM 2.0 offer the latest security for mission critical applications.
High reliability designs developed for 24/7 non-stop operation
Enhanced longevity of 7-15yrs and beyond for long life military programs
Development services shorten time to market and enable easy adoption of SWAP enhanced technologies
COMe Basic Type7
Intel® Xeon® D Family.
Up to 16C
ECC 64GB memory, TPM2.0
COMe Basic Type6
7th Generation Intel® Core/Xeon
ECC 32GB memory, TPM2.0
COMe Compact Type6
7th Generation
Intel® Core/Celeron
32GB memory, eMMC, TPM2.0
SOM-6869 B1
COMe Compact Type6
Intel® Atom™ X Series
ECC 8GB memory, TPM2.0
SOM-7569 B1
COMe Mini Type10
Intel® Atom™ X Series
ECC 8GB memory down, eMMC, TPM2.0
Harsh Environments
-40 to 85C working temperature
On board memory & storage
Conformal coating
Enhanced Security
On board TPM
Secure Boot
Frozen BIOS
Reliability & Stability
ECC memory support
Multi-Stage WDT
3.5G vibration test
Additional Service
Quick boot
HALT test
Fixed BOM
Deliver project
Schematic review and
design document
Troubleshooting and
risk management
Custom software and
thermal solution
Assured product
quality & delivery
EOL & Migration
COM Design-In Service includes but not limited to
Carrier board consulting
Schematic review service
Thermal design service
Complete customized module and carrier board design service
Custom firmware and software service
Industrial Storage Solutions
AES-256bit support & emergency erase
SQF-S25 830
● 2.5” SATA
● 64GB - 2TB
● 64GB - 1TB
Industrial Memory Solutions
Wide temperature -40-85°C
● Up to 16GB
● Up to 16GB
With a long list of comprehensive features, customization capabilities, coupled with tight revision con trol and 7-15 year lifecycles, Advantech’s Computer-On-Module (COM) building block technologies can empower your mission critical solutions for years to come.
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