FPM-1000G Industrial Monitors Offer the Highest Price-Performance Ratio
Longevity is a key concern for industrial applications. For less-demanding industrial display applications, many customers choose consumer-grade monitors because of their comparatively lower cost. However, consumer-grade monitors typically have inferior durability and a warranty of less than 2 years. Advantech’s FPM-1150G offers a 3-year warranty and the best price-performance ratio for a quality-assured, rugged display solution.
Competitive Price
Industrial-grade design with a competitive price point compared to consumer-grade products.
Easy to Operate
Onscreen display (OSD) allows users to adjust the touch On/Off, brightness, color pallet, and automatic reset settings.
Extended Warranty
The provision of 1-year extended warranty (in addition to the standard 2 years) ensures long-term reliability.
Quick and Easy Panel Customization
The FPM-1000G series monitors feature an innovative mechanical design that allows the default front panel to be swapped with a true-flat panel with aluminum bezel or true-flat panel with stainless steel bezel at low minimum order quantities for quick and easy customization.
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