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Data Visualization, Real-Time Monitoring, and Analysis Enhances Food Safety
All data is visualized on the interface dashboard for real-time monitoring and analysis to facilitate remote management and process optimization.
High-Penetration, Long-Range Data Transmissions
LoRa connectivity ensures high-penetration, long-distance (up to 100 meters depending on environment) data transmissions, even through walls and metal.
Easy to Clean with IP66 Rating for Industrial Environments
IP66 rating for protection from water and dust provides the durability to withstand operation in harsh industrial environments. (TREK-120 is IP65 rating)
Rugged Design and Long Battery Life Minimize Maintenance
LoRa sensors with low power consumption deliver reliable operation and a long service life for reduced maintenance.
LoRa Temperature/
Humidity Sensor
LoRa Computing Box
with Modular
PWS-472 Infrared Thermometer
5’’ Industrial Handheld Terminal
DLT-V72 Series
10.4/12.1" X86 Based Rugged Terminal with Screen Defroster
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