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An Extra 3-5 Minutes Can Save Lives: Regenhütte Fire Brigade Adopts AIM-65 and UTC-520 / Firefighters put their lives in danger every day to battle fires. When people’s lives are on the line, every second counts! Established over 100 years ago, the Regenhütte Fire Brigade in Bavaria, Germany, has almost 25 active volunteer firefighters. In an effort to shorten their response times, ensure personnel safety, and provide easy access to all necessary mission data, the Regenhütte Fire Brigade adopted Advantech’s turnkey digital alarm system. This solution uses Advantech’s UTC-520 ubiquitous touch computer as digital signage displays and its AIM-65 rugged tablet as in-vehicle computing terminals.
Original Incident Alarm System: Up to 20 minutes
Step 1
Central emergency dispatch via Fax.
Step 2
With the pager’s alarm, firefighters were presenting at the station
Step 3
Read the details on the fax, locate the position on the map and drive to the destination.
Advantech Turnkey Digital Alarm Solution: Less than 15 minutes
With this solution, emergency notifications are sent from the dispatch center to the UTC-520 system, which then activates local sirens and sends mass alerts to all responders via analog radio pagers to inform them of the emergency. The UTC-520 also transmits real-time notifications that provide details of the situation and navigation information to connected mobile devices, such as smartphones and in-vehicle tablets.
All firefighting vehicles are equipped with an AIM-65 rugged tablet that serves as in-vehicle computing terminal for route navigation and data access. The tablet features text-to-speech technology for increased efficiency and hands-free access to fleet information on the go.
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AIM-65 UTC-520
Intel® Atom™ processor for Windows 10 IoT and AIM Android 6.0
IP65-rated front panel for water and dust resistance
8" WUXGA full HD display with scratch-resistant Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3
Wide operating temperature: 0~50°C (32~122°F) with battery, -10~50 °C (14~122°F) with AC adaptor
21.5" monitor with 16:9 widescreen display
IP65-rated front panel for water and dust resistance
Supports both landscape and portrait screen orientations
Side groove design for flexible peripheral installation
Regenhütte Fire Brigade Adopts
AIM-65 and UTC-520
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