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New Front Design with Greater Functionality

- Stylish and sharp look with iconic red line
- 6 function keys and 6 programmable hotkeys

Excellent Wireless Connectivity

- Support latest WLAN/LTE/Bluetooth
- Fast WLAN roaming capability

Rugged and Durable System

- IP66 & IP65 protection
- 5M3 certified for shock resistance
- IK08 certified touchscreen

New DLT-V72 Models for Diverse Applications

DLT-V7212 P+ 12" Terminal with Small Form Factor
- Compact system and thin bezel design
- 12.1” XGA display with PCAP multi-touch screen
DLT-V7210 KD for Cold Storage Applications
- 1st PCAP-touch terminal with screen defroster
- Wide key spacing to prevent keyboard from icing

Warehouses /
Distribution Centers

. Goods receiving & picking
. Pallets/goods location tracking
. Goods packing & loading
. Inventory management

Airports /
Harbors / Terminals

. Cargo loading & unloading
. Cargo location tracking
. Vessel & flight scheduling
. Yard trucks operations

Manufacturing /Factory

. In-/outbound material handling
. Production data collection and   information display
. Workstations
. Equipment control

DLT-V7212/ V7210

DLT-V7212 P+

DLT-V7210 KD

v7212_datashett v7212p_datasheet v7210kd_datasheet
v7212p_learn v7210kd_learn
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