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Taiwan National Theater and Concert Hall Adopts AIM-65 for Arts Bank Reward Program
The Taiwan National Theater and Concert Hall has recently established a reward program – Arts Bank - aimed at encouraging children to participate in arts and culture.
To facilitate this program, the Taiwan National Theater and Concert Hall adopted Advantech’s AIM-65 industrial-grade tablet for scanning member cards.
After applying for membership, children can accrue reward points for attending cultural
events by using the mobile app, an EasyCard, or an iPass smart card at any of the 33 partner organizations or institutions affiliated with the program. Since the program’s launch in 2018, more than 10,000 members have joined.
* Taiwan's National Theater and National Concert Hall are two of the first major modern performing arts facilities to be established in Asia.
AIM-65 Key Benefits in the Program
1. 8” screen allows the app QR code and NFC sensor interface to be displayed simultaneously
2. Intuitive interface supports self-service, reducing the number of staff required
3. 1 x SIM card slot ensures reliable Wi-Fi connectivity
4. NFC sensing capabilities support EasyCard and iPASS smart card scanning
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