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TREK-134 Ultra-Wide (180°) Blind Spot Detection
Real-time alarm prevents collisions
Accurate identification of obstacles
Advance notification for effective collision avoidance

High-definition resolution (1280 x 960)
High dynamic range (>130 Db) ensures clear
imaging under direct sunlight and poor lighting

Ultra-Wide Blind Spot Detection for Identifying Diverse Obstacles
180° ultra-wide angle detection
Capable of detecting pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles, and medium-sized animals
Monitors the front, sides, and rear of the vehicle to eliminate driver blind spots
High Compatibility and Easy Integration Reduce Development Costs
With RS-485 protocol support, TREK-134 can be conveniently integrated with existing systems
Easily paired with other in-vehicle computing terminals, including the TREK X86 series (TREK-6xx/5xx/7xx), via a single-cable connection
TREK-134’s high compatibility and application flexibility reduce software development time and costs, while enhancing driving safety
Real-Time Alarms
Real-time visual and
audio alarms prevent
High Dynamic Range
High dynamic range supports
imaging in direct sunlight and
poorly lit environments
High-Definition Camera
AHD 720 HD camera
enables surveillance and
high-quality imaging
Video Monitoring
Multiple video outputs
enable video monitoring

High Compatibility
Easily paired with
any in-vehicle
Wide Operating
-30 ~ 85 °C /
-22 ~ 185 °F
IP68 Rating
The terminal is IP68
rated for resistance to
water and dust ingress
Anti Shock/Vibration
MIL-STD-810G and

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