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Front Collision Avoidance ADAS Module
Simple, Flexible, and Truly Active Video-Based Safety Solution

Video Monitoring
Enables monitoring of event data and synchronized video outputs
Easy Integration
Standard RS-232 communication enables easy integration and ADAS customization
High Compatibility
Easily paired with Advantech’s
TREK series and other
in-vehicle computers
Flexible Support for
Diverse Vehicles
The adjustable parameters are compatible with diverse vehicle types
Value-Added Software Development Kit
Advantech's software development kit enables cost-effective fleet management
Detection Conditions Supported
Night/Poorly Lit
Vehicle Types
Front collision avoidance ADAS module
Multifunctional driver behavior
recognition module
TREK display enables
visualized fleet management
In-vehicle computing box supports up to 8 cameras for surveillance and fleet management
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1. Environmental conditions, such as bright lighting or the camera being covered, may trigger false warnings. 2. The presence of dirt or moisture on the camera may impact the recognition capabilities. 3. The TREK-13x series only provides warnings when an object is within the detection area. Additionally, the module does not include an impact breaking function. 4. The TREK-13x series is designed to alert drivers to certain potentially dangerous situations. However, the module cannot replace the functions that drivers would ordinarily perform when driving a vehicle, nor does it reduce the need to remain vigilant and alert at all times, conform to safe driving standards and practices, and obey all traffic laws, rules, and regulations.
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